I recently attended a workshop on Service Design. The goal of this concept is to embrace creativity in all phases of concept development. From the original brainstorming to deliverables, the journey is filled with inter-communication; ideation is the norm.

This is in stark contrast to the waterfall model where one goes from development to production in tiddy bit stages. In truth this doesn't represent reality at all. Iteration is the norm is my experieces with small to mid-sized projects. The added value of a large conceptual frame around a pure discussion refinement was refreshing and valuable.

The environment was joyfull and fun to enhance creativity. The materials used promoted that; large desks, billboards, color pencils, post-its, large sheets of paper, all added value onto the more classic web surfing research, video editing, writting and logo design.

My group was interesting, a mix of old and new, practical and conceptual, some were fun, others were boring, some made waves, others surfed them, but in the end, cooperation was king and the basis for some really cool and radical ways of thinking.

I met some really cool and fascinating people, all of them honing their skills and applying creativity in its pure form. Turning on the genie lamp, adding value and exploring new venues for self-expression.

It was fun. And that, is creative.

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Do iPad dream? (0)

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What true power has a person with an iPad to change the world? I don't mean to radically change the entire world for the better, just a fraction of his personal one. The kinds of informational access one has over the mobile space is staggering. We can simply drop an app and start twitting away, or blogging away, or even check spot potential friends or associates away, everything we need is at our fingertips, if we decide to use it.

What mosty is interesting to me is the way, "the mobile", can extend to "real life" and mold it in such a way to give it context and superpositions of new concepts and ideas. From the snippets of information at the top of the hat, to more elaborate social constructs, it's like we can now meta-tag the world in an ever increasing way and give it detail and meaning.

I believe that poetry and literary essays have been the last century equivalents of what is happening today with technology gadgets. The human mind and spirit tends to reason and exploratory walkabouts of understanding are nature's way to achieve the, always ellusive, but allways present longing for self expression and intercommunication within the global consciusness.

We are all phylosophers, even if the tittle doesn't strictly hold up. When you tag and connect, fill up a form with tidbits of personallity descriptions, tile up your profile with the apps you enjoy, and present yourself in a certain way, using the waterfall in your facebook account, to enlist your life events, then you are a real phylosopher, sharing to the global stage your current draft of an essay that will extend the understanding of your and your world.

On your world, you will be able to exchange and deliver these notes, online and offline, suspending disbelief enough to actually do something, and change it.

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I've seen a startling TED conference "Connected but alone"; the basis is that we all should learn to link more in real time, to real people, and that reality is more and more evident in today's world. That's not new, it's the reality of the situation. We like to dick around in the web, but that doesn't make it seem right.

If I want to build creative projects with cool people, I must get to know them. Creativity should be provided by real people working in within a real web of communication. Social networks are boring, but people can be exciting.

So, does social virtuality sucks? Well, yeah.

However, there is something to be said about the power of networking, the power of meeting real people by the means of interconnectedness that can only exist in this wide web of ours. And in that lies our great power.

I've been thinking to go and make a push for networking based around my desire to create a game development studio. I've made a vision to transform the T-Minus 5 Brand into a full game development studio. A dream? Yes. But one that promises great things.

I will be making active links to people in networks such as LinkdIn, Facebook, and even twitter. I will be pruning my RSS feeds to be based more around the websites and people that want to create games here in Portugal. I'm also thinking to actively search the web and try to find these people. Go to gatherings on gaming, production and all kinds of events on Startups and Creativity. I will do so.

Only by meeting real people on a desired destination can you change your past into your future. By just letting the past be the present, even if its just sharing a link to your known pool of friends, you will forever by where you are.

And we all want to expand.


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I'm totally blown away with Uncharted 2. This game has pulled me into the dark halls of gaming where you just waste all your life and spend 2.5 hours on it everyday for 3.5 years while eating 2.5 pounds of chocolate mouse per night. Well, not quite, but close.

I'm actually playing this baby for a week now, I've finally took the plunge and bought a PS3, guess what? Avatar Ultimate Edition looks absolutely stunning on it! Yes, I bought it just for the Blue Ray but now I'm actually playing... Shame on me.

The engine is sheer stunning grace, its digital bits blended with insight and precision. The set pieces are marvelous bits of cinematic history blended into the action crux of the main character. I've never experienced something as captivating as this game before on a smaller screen.

This is the true blending or art and cinematography.

I'm amazed at the detailed script, and the blending of action-adventure queues with cinema bleeding-edge animation. This thing just Never Stops. It keeps going and going, making you and your PS3 SixAxis wrapped into a single juxtaposed existence!

When you find relics you feel joy, when you kick the hell out of a soldier you find relief, when a monster of a beast throws you off a cliff you cringe, when your female companion gets upside of you over a bed, you get, well, pretty graphics. Its all in place. The emotions are there and are sustainable enough that you get a seamless experience from role-playing your avatar and going back and forth between story the (un) cut-scenes, such is the transition linear and smooth from one to the other.

Technologically is superior to anything out there, and this is out for some time now. They can put a train with more carriages that I could count moving between gorgeous mountains in full LOF view. WOW! Talk about engine power. Those SPU are in high gear!

There is such amazing artistry at work here. Its awe inspiring to mesmerize at the graphics and have gut intrusive emotions playing it from end to end. I'm humbled and grateful for getting to play this game. Its not everyday that someone yanks you out of your everyday life and pulls you in into an adventure. Nathan Drake is the New Indiana Jones. This is really play time for me once again.

I'm in child-like wonder mode.

Now I just need to make more chocolate mouse.

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Finally! Eye Web is now officially in the App Store for approval by Apple. This means generally 2-3 weeks before its publicly available.

I am very happy to be making this post, it represents another beacon in my little shop called T-Minus 5. For this time, I wanted to make a splash, if not a total meteorite crashing wave, at least a nice whooshing effect that creates a smile in you once you see it.

I guess you know this already.

So, yeah, very nice icon, did you know it costed me $100 to do it? Oh yeah, don't be fooled by the economics of today's freedom society. Artists (the good ones, that is) are an expensive class I must say, but the results are totally worth it. Isn't it nice to watch? It represents the world in all its multitude of people. The globe. The mass of beneath our feet. Revolving around it we have... a fire arrow, a blaze of yellow awareness, with this big eye looking into your soul. I love it.

Now, what is Eye Web after all? What was all the fuss about? What is it, and why did I do it?

By the icon, you can see its a Browser, by the name you can see its related to seeing. So, elaborating and in simple words:

Eye Web is a Mobile Browser
for Speed Reading the Internet!!

Speed Reading the Internet? Am I crazy? Well, I guess so.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth so much more.

Please, take a look at it.

If you like it, you can hype it up. ;) Thanks!

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Finally! Google is putting their Bayesian algorithms to the test with this pretty damn amazing feature.

Priority Inbox might be the first of a new wave of applications, there is no way around it. They will be here. These new apps have something in common. Simplicity and minimization of the complex is the goal.

Check out the cute video of google on this:

So, yeah, pretty neat? Yeah, but its more than that; its useful. Twitter is neat. This is practicality at best.

The world is getting increasingly complicated and yet we are striving to get those web 2.0 interfaces up and going. Web 2.0 promises clean and uncluttered interfaces. It promises that the world will be a better, safer place, one where everything is organized under the Search umbrella. One where more than 3 clicks to do any given operation is 1 click too many.

That means clarity and above all, effectiveness. All the information related to what YOU are, what YOU want and what YOU do must be quickly accessible, indexed and searched on a whim of thought. The ultimate goal being a Brain Sync of sorts where you plug yourself into the Matrix and let yourself zone in with all the things you must do or experience.

Its almost like a freak-show GTD for the masses. And it will probably be a reality.

There are many talks going on about the role of Augmented Reality and the total big-brother like scenarios it can bring. Besides good fiction it can also bring a new sense of wonder about the world yet unseen. We can be sure to be revealed little pieces of information right where we need them the most.

Lets visualize it. National Geographic did an article about augmented reality and the implications of such a dense, informational world. Check the link.

Yes, its not a pretty sight. Looks awesome though!

If most consuming media streams are going the Point To Point route instead of Broadcasting this is the way forward. TV is out, Social Networks are in. Why? Focused content. Profiled for you and your personality.

For example we go on a vacation to a foreign country, we engage the world with augment reality glasses and in all the HUD glory of Adobe Air, layers upon layers of knowledge bits are presented with clarification article snippets straight out of Wikipedia about such and such subject we are currently watching. Is that David's statue we are looking at? Why bother with the little text on the corner of the pedestal when you can have a virtual textual representation overhead in mid air about what your are looking at? There! We can see it now! The status history bullets points, snippets from art curators all over the world explaining the meaning of it, your friends comments about it....

Is this a good thing? We can argue that yes, it is because we now have a context from where to appreciate the piece of art we are looking but also then downside is that we are not looking at that piece of art any longer... we are looking at an abstraction of it superimposed by this new grid of information on your particular human experience in that time of awareness...

In essence...


What will happen to YOU, the human being? Are you ready to give your soul to the cloud machine?

What will happen when we all are on this freak Truman Show like wonder of world. Is this the 21st century?

Is Sky Net a fictional artifact?

Augmented Reality is actually the OPPOSITE of what Google is doing. Google is all about making lives easier, and yet augmented reality is all about adding informational layers on top of our old and boring non-pixelated world in 3D.

Or is it?

By the way do you want to see in 3D? Buy a Sony 3DS? No, no. Just look out the window! Its 3D already folks. Thats why Augmented is the way to go.

Or is it?

Nah, lets buy a 3DS anyway...!

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Go to the first page of pomodorotechnique.com and the exit the browser. Don't read it further. Just notice it and then step back.

Its all Fluff.

Ah, Time Management. Nothing beat my system now, I just love it. I love my breakfast in the morning, I just love it, with eggs, cheese, and tomatoes! Oh darn, its time to make another task! Here we go! Set and Go! Yeahiii!

Tick... Tick... Tick... there goes the tomato!

This is getting really troubling. All these new so called "Concepts" for Time Management are really pushing the edge of acceptability. This stuff is nothing more than Fluff around a well known paradigm of pressure by time restrictions.

So, you don't have your priorities straight and then you go to this Tomato site to get them? People are actually buying Tomato Clocks, and then, bring them home to achieve goals? Are they? Or are they just meandering around a more deeply seated problem? Do they think Tomatos ARE the solution?

All the so called "experts" on Time Management with these fast over-the-knee solutions are just selling us Fluff around our core needs and they are marketing it all up so they can have another Passive Income Stream (another product sold by others of course).

Plastic Tomatos, News, Events, Fans, Videos, Workshops (oh yes, Tomato workshops!) great! And soon... "Pomodoro For Teens!" (this one is always 2 years after).

Really... Are you inspired by revolving Tomatos? Or are you inspired by your work?

And so, for the ones who were contemplating buying Tomatos I propose an alternative.

You see, I use eggs. FREE range ones.



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