Do android dream of electric sheep? This was the question that Philip K. Dick asked some time ago. His answer was built into our own fabric of sub-culture. Many words have been written on the subject of humans versus technology versus the capacity to dream big and to dream electrically, force-fields or not force-fields, nuclear energy or renewables. What lies ahead after all, and who the hell are the sheep anyway?

Computer Video Games is a rare medium, for only 30 or so years until now have we at our disposal such a phenomenal tool for computation and mathematics, the large numbers that can be brought into existence by the silicone inside a wafer die is daunting, it is estimated by Moore's law that everything doubles in capacity every two years. Mr. Moore was probably not even aware he was making a claim at a law, merely speaking his mind, but one truth be told, he was right, and from that point on, everything changed.

Gaming Changed also, we now have the most glorious hardware capable of astounding features and GFX galore, its a non stop shock and awe for our senses, today we can expect the unexpected, be free to enjoy without being constrained by what our fathers thought about Pong or Castlevania, today we dream and those dreams can be as exquisite as the mind who dream it into reality. We can take it as it comes, we no longer have to wait for make belief to settle in.

This can be a tremendous setback or a pathway to freedom, technology is humankind's best hope for achieving the ultimate dream for all and that is too free ourselves from the necessity of hard labor and the incredible proliferation of under paid work and lets say it, slavery that goes around the world.

Nike can be the 'Lets Do It' company, but that motto only inspires the kids that live in the Eastern World on the grounds of New Jersey and the pimp-outlook clothes shops because the reality is that this company makes terrible demands on their factory workers. It is all done on an aura of legitimacy, all abiding by the law but the truth is these people do not even know their own rights to begin with and to the exclusion of any quantum of good will they even have monitoring productivity tools that calculate work schedules metrics... on the 3rd decimal place of the second... Its a bizarre world Nike lives in.

Going back to that hope and to what it could really bring to all of us and society at large, the exact opposite of factory labor is what the future holds and the extraordinary work underway by the brilliant minds of planet Earth. All that science work and brilliance of it is not only for the geek oriented to have another thrill on an empty day, no, that work is far far more reaching and expansive, makes us believe we can actually do it, but this time on a more effective and humane manner.

Since the advent of the Industrial Age we all got a Promise, that promise was to reduce the work week from well below the 40 hours that many, and indeed the most fortunate few, have today. This luxury we have is not enough to guarantee The Promise. We all want to work on the things we like and yet, so many few actually do it, its a shame that this monopolized world is still on its infancy and yet, it is exactly this discontinuity on our humanity that makes us do more. We strive to get to this goal of working less and having more fun so we can actually say, lets work on more fun, that is, the things we love and our passions.

Man has a dream, the dream is to escape the drudgery of mere existence and begin to dream again. To dream of electric sheep is only the first step on a series of steps that will conclude in the ultimate survival guide: Robots.

The future is Robots and Robotics, today we have more and more of these creatures roving around our backyards, they mow the lawn, they clean our floor and they even, for the US Military on a non utility way, to pave the way for ground invasion by means of small devices the size of bricks that can create a Wi-Fi network on non-internet friendly locations such as War Theaters. Of course one day we will have Robots doing the dishes, the clothes and taking care of all our Domotics Houses. All impressive and with deep creative insights into a future built by Humans for the benift of Humanity.

I'm not even talking about Artificial Intelligence, we do not need that, we have enough of Artificial Thinking out there as we can see in Nike's case. What we need now is to outsource our physical work into our mechanical counterparts made in our image. In fact, the use of technology as a means to and end, not the end itself.

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