In this article by Don Tapscott a clear case is made in favor of the concept of Edutainment. It's a much needed article on the global awareness needed to teach our next generation. It flags internationally Portugal's prime minister José Socrates brave crusade against the separatists of old ways and derogatory thinking patterns.

The article's author is right in acknowledging all the good work that has been made since Socrates took the helm of the Portuguese Caravel into the new undiscovered country of Education. The model of action was spot on, Portugal's lead in the technological shock culture was needed to shake away the old and make room for the new, and as the article demonstrates by merging the necessity of Education with the natural appeal of discovery that children of all ages display.

Edutainment is a merging of truths. Its true that schools today are a boring example of life and its also true you need to know how to read Encyclopedia Britannica. These are both poles of truth, but one of them is the correct measure of health on a human being and the other is a symptom of something wrong in the way we do things. Peter Pan's motto of "We never want to grow up" is perhaps right, maybe that reaction is a defense mechanism against the formating society will undoubtedly impose upon them and make them turn into mindless "I told you so", negative and criticism, yada yada posters and twitter users alike.

Education must change. The existing model is failing in all fronts and must be refactored into the 21st century in order to promote a new sociological framework for all of us to life freely. Education is not a self contained vessel of dusty knowledge made by old beard man inside a room ready to be passed into the next generations. This reductionary vision is what lead to misguided activities within society that try to mine the efforts of governance. Socrates is under attack by those beard man and woman who are trapped in the never-ending cycles of self defeat. In fact, the very presence of these types of cultural currents in the present is a clear proof of the need to change the path of Education for the future to work, because the current examples of persons that mold our society today are forged out of the old system... and are not quite what they were supposed to be.

Its almost as we don't know how to educate anymore, perhaps we never did. In many ways its astounding that we could create a country in these conditions, but we did. Portugal will always find a way to break away and move into the next step to the right way. Its our way.

As for the U.S., George Lucas's Education Foundation Edutopia is one working example today of such efforts already underway, and it has some years behind it already, its a remarkable little experiment that is soon to expand into mainstream America. Its not they don't have examples too. Its that their own governance also mired evolution. This is a chicken and the egg problem gone wrong, the crazy chicken that lays the crazy eggs but someday wakes up and decides to go sane.

Back to Portugal. We must shop the shame, we must stop the Fado of old. Today we can be a flag of truth to the world. We can sail away again into America and show them that the old country still has some tricks left.

We are back at seas.

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