Publishing, the mere word makes you shiver the spine with joy but also trepidation. Its just not an easy task for someone who's living off the bahamas with an Internet Connection using Com-Sat technology to just go out and make true use of any certified publishing method run by the giants such as Electronic Arts. The dream of having a cardboard box displayed in the likes of Wallmart or Fnac are still wavering around in all wanna-be-producers out there. Its a concept than never dies, an idea so alluring in can capture everyone into its wake. This author is responsible for that Karmic Cloud too and I must say its a tantalizing idea even if we know that the shelf-life of a game is within the Week scale, we still want to have it, the cardboard Box, the materialization of dreams.

So, what can a mushy-eyed dreamer do to actually put the product out there into the hands of the consumer? Even if we don't have The Box, what can we do to actually have real people, really playing our game?

3 Quick Steps:

1) Make it fun

First we need to understand that a good product sells itself, so the first thing is to make sure the product you're putting out there is Fun to begin with, so, if its fun its sellable, and you might as well not wait until the Publishing phase to find this out if this is so, please make sure all all you do is Fun, that everything fits in, cover all the basics, from inception, to conception.

2) Use the Internet

Second, use the global network called the internet, be sure that with in this communication age, remote promotion using the internet is a clear winner; a small budget can for go the extra mile if you are willing to put the effort into it.

3) Talk about it

Third, its good to know that the proverbial word of mouth has still something to say and can go a long way to extend the awareness of your products. The goal is to put people talking about your game. Make a concentrated effort if you must, do lists of things to do and people to contact, networking is not just a bunch of cables anymore.


In practice, there are many ways to market our game. Some pop in my head, some don't. I'll make a checklist for ways to promote a game more specifically in a future posting.

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