Google has gone full throttle to show us the new spec of communication. Its not only fascinating to watch the tidbits of information to flow in real time, but also very comforting too see it doesn't resort to reductionary tactics to imply smart communication as having, oh, lets say 140 chars per message.

This product is the new e-mail and messaging combined. It folds both worlds into one pretty coherent vision. Some people call it revolutionary. I think its more like an alignment of current technology into a whole clean package, and it works in a very nice, intuitive, googlish like way.

I can see a huge effort to push this into companies and other media entities out there. But one thing is clear, it will make open-source and production efforts a lot more handy. I can clearly see using this for distributed game production meetings and creative hubs. Its like having pools of knowledge waving out there.

Sure, there are lots of questions that arise from this on the security, ownership, privacy and control fronts but having the project on an open-source basis is a good start. And as all things, "make no evil" still applies until we know otherwise.

Enjoy the Wave. Lets Surf.

Google Wave

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