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Absolutely incredible... its one of those sci-fi concept that we all have as a child and someone is actually taking that and building into reality.

This automatic tunnel will make the future of transportation a stunning thing to behold. Imagine that all your groceries, all your online request, all your food, all of it, to be automatic and at express speeds. Imagine a system capable receiving everthing better that conventional mail, but also, sending out things on a whim to be delivered as you see fit.

I've actually been pondering on these systems while thinking about Project Venus. In fact, this is a MUST for Zeitgeist to change into a better world. Its almost like magic.

These system are not entirely new, this is actually a new version of a very romanesque Julius Verne apparatus that went into service in London on the 19th century.

“Pneumatic post or pneumatic mail is a system to deliver letters through pressurized air tubes. It was invented by the Scottish engineer William Murdoch in the 1800s and was later developed by the London Pneumatic Dispatch Company. Pneumatic post systems were used in several large cities starting in the second half of the 19th century (including an 1866 London system powerful enough to transport humans), but were largely abandoned during the 20th century.”

Its great to have all this tech back with a vegeance!

Now we just need to have the mag-lev trains going also!...

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