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Promotion, promotion, promotion, no, not from your boss, from yourself. It pays to do the right things with some thinking behind it. Here's some ways to promote your product:

  • Do the best work you can and let the product speak for itself.
  • Create a connection with your consumers and hype your product.
  • Throw out small nuggets of quality info on a regular basis.
  • Use sites social-content like Facebook and Youtube.
  • Use mash-up sites news sites like Digg and Slashdot.
  • Keep your site as professional as you can, polish it at every level.
  • Do a developers' journal coupled with a product's forum.
  • Create a buzz with other developer's and ask them to write about your product.
  • Network with plataform specific product review sites.
  • Network with genre specific non-product sites related to your content.
  • Be a guess writer on other sites; write only amazing posts; make links back to your site.
  • For games: check alternative distribution channels like PC-online, PSN, XLBA, Wii ware or Steam.
  • Write, network and keep the fun going.

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