Go to the first page of pomodorotechnique.com and the exit the browser. Don't read it further. Just notice it and then step back.

Its all Fluff.

Ah, Time Management. Nothing beat my system now, I just love it. I love my breakfast in the morning, I just love it, with eggs, cheese, and tomatoes! Oh darn, its time to make another task! Here we go! Set and Go! Yeahiii!

Tick... Tick... Tick... there goes the tomato!

This is getting really troubling. All these new so called "Concepts" for Time Management are really pushing the edge of acceptability. This stuff is nothing more than Fluff around a well known paradigm of pressure by time restrictions.

So, you don't have your priorities straight and then you go to this Tomato site to get them? People are actually buying Tomato Clocks, and then, bring them home to achieve goals? Are they? Or are they just meandering around a more deeply seated problem? Do they think Tomatos ARE the solution?

All the so called "experts" on Time Management with these fast over-the-knee solutions are just selling us Fluff around our core needs and they are marketing it all up so they can have another Passive Income Stream (another product sold by others of course).

Plastic Tomatos, News, Events, Fans, Videos, Workshops (oh yes, Tomato workshops!) great! And soon... "Pomodoro For Teens!" (this one is always 2 years after).

Really... Are you inspired by revolving Tomatos? Or are you inspired by your work?

And so, for the ones who were contemplating buying Tomatos I propose an alternative.

You see, I use eggs. FREE range ones.



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