I am hard at work on a new app here at T-Minus 5.

It is almost near the cycle of development now. It is still under wraps but I'm beginning to spread the word on it as it nears completion.

Transport Me Up was not an app for everybody in any respect, it was and is made for a very focused core audience (the ones who take transports on a regular basis), for those it is effective and it is cool, and serves its mission with grace and style. I'm proud of that app, it solved a particular day-to-day issue and created value for its users.

So, yeah, I'm pretty proud of Transport Me Up. However for this second one I will shake some things up!...

I want to go out and make a true impact on people everywhere, I want to surprise, to make a standout and to create shock and awe! It will be outstanding!

All I can say its that it something really special, something surprising and best of all.

Something... FREE!

Yes, FREE, I was thinking about all this new iAd business and trying to see if it fits the new app or not. Yes, it is a great source of revenue, as perhaps it might have its uses but I really can't get my head around it... it just seems a little too in-your-face still due to the shortage of screen space in the iPhone and all I don't want is to have users having another lousy app in their hands. I mean, I am actually spending a lot of my personal investment in effort and time doing this and I don't want to make a sub-standard product.

The other side of the coin is that as a developer I do want to get noticed by my efforts and the quality and value I provide and I do wish I could get a return on that investment, even more to pay the setup fees on all this adventures in iPhone Development. It costs a developer $100 per year and even more dollars and a lot of man hours to research, design, polish, build assets, graphics and market it all up. Its money and time and effort.

So, how do I get a return on investment but still cater to a large audience? How do I put an outstanding product out there, in the hands of as many users as I can while at the same time giving as much as I can as an artist would do but still allow room for people to thank me in return for my work of art?

My answer is this one: No iAds, Go Free Version and allow the users to Pay/Tip/Donate you using in-app Purchases.

So, this is my take on it: "Premium Versions with the Gift"

As for the app, I will not disclose any further! ;)

Stay tuned!

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