Me and my new friend Raj on extreme adventure at night time on the Coliseum.

We had such a great time together that we decided to take some photos for posterity. Raj was about to return to his home town in India without going to the city center, so I called his bluff and there we went to catch a glimpse of the old city.

It was the first thing that showed up in visual range when I exited the subway. To reach the city center we had to go though some hell of a transit system. To call Rome disorganized its to call them a favor. Its true that they are not the best running city in the world, but the charm is all there.

Regarding the Coliseum. Yeah, its big, not that large, but big, and cool looking depending on the time of day. At day time its a mess, the marble is made of some dirt sucking rock. At night time its a Alice in Wonderland feeling.

There are a lot of people around the area. Snack, food stands, and the occasional permanent seller. One funny bit was when this Indian guy tried to sell Raj (another Indian guy!) a crystal laser engraved Coliseum. That was pretty funny!

There were also some fruit selling stands at 5 Euros per kilo, not quite the basic consumption product you're used too but the apples were great anyway.

All in all, this bit of the adventure went well and Raj got home with some nice mementos for the trip.

I will post more tidbits later after some more in depth photo processsing.


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