Finally! Google is putting their Bayesian algorithms to the test with this pretty damn amazing feature.

Priority Inbox might be the first of a new wave of applications, there is no way around it. They will be here. These new apps have something in common. Simplicity and minimization of the complex is the goal.

Check out the cute video of google on this:

So, yeah, pretty neat? Yeah, but its more than that; its useful. Twitter is neat. This is practicality at best.

The world is getting increasingly complicated and yet we are striving to get those web 2.0 interfaces up and going. Web 2.0 promises clean and uncluttered interfaces. It promises that the world will be a better, safer place, one where everything is organized under the Search umbrella. One where more than 3 clicks to do any given operation is 1 click too many.

That means clarity and above all, effectiveness. All the information related to what YOU are, what YOU want and what YOU do must be quickly accessible, indexed and searched on a whim of thought. The ultimate goal being a Brain Sync of sorts where you plug yourself into the Matrix and let yourself zone in with all the things you must do or experience.

Its almost like a freak-show GTD for the masses. And it will probably be a reality.

There are many talks going on about the role of Augmented Reality and the total big-brother like scenarios it can bring. Besides good fiction it can also bring a new sense of wonder about the world yet unseen. We can be sure to be revealed little pieces of information right where we need them the most.

Lets visualize it. National Geographic did an article about augmented reality and the implications of such a dense, informational world. Check the link.

Yes, its not a pretty sight. Looks awesome though!

If most consuming media streams are going the Point To Point route instead of Broadcasting this is the way forward. TV is out, Social Networks are in. Why? Focused content. Profiled for you and your personality.

For example we go on a vacation to a foreign country, we engage the world with augment reality glasses and in all the HUD glory of Adobe Air, layers upon layers of knowledge bits are presented with clarification article snippets straight out of Wikipedia about such and such subject we are currently watching. Is that David's statue we are looking at? Why bother with the little text on the corner of the pedestal when you can have a virtual textual representation overhead in mid air about what your are looking at? There! We can see it now! The status history bullets points, snippets from art curators all over the world explaining the meaning of it, your friends comments about it....

Is this a good thing? We can argue that yes, it is because we now have a context from where to appreciate the piece of art we are looking but also then downside is that we are not looking at that piece of art any longer... we are looking at an abstraction of it superimposed by this new grid of information on your particular human experience in that time of awareness...

In essence...


What will happen to YOU, the human being? Are you ready to give your soul to the cloud machine?

What will happen when we all are on this freak Truman Show like wonder of world. Is this the 21st century?

Is Sky Net a fictional artifact?

Augmented Reality is actually the OPPOSITE of what Google is doing. Google is all about making lives easier, and yet augmented reality is all about adding informational layers on top of our old and boring non-pixelated world in 3D.

Or is it?

By the way do you want to see in 3D? Buy a Sony 3DS? No, no. Just look out the window! Its 3D already folks. Thats why Augmented is the way to go.

Or is it?

Nah, lets buy a 3DS anyway...!

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