Finally! Eye Web is now officially in the App Store for approval by Apple. This means generally 2-3 weeks before its publicly available.

I am very happy to be making this post, it represents another beacon in my little shop called T-Minus 5. For this time, I wanted to make a splash, if not a total meteorite crashing wave, at least a nice whooshing effect that creates a smile in you once you see it.

I guess you know this already.

So, yeah, very nice icon, did you know it costed me $100 to do it? Oh yeah, don't be fooled by the economics of today's freedom society. Artists (the good ones, that is) are an expensive class I must say, but the results are totally worth it. Isn't it nice to watch? It represents the world in all its multitude of people. The globe. The mass of beneath our feet. Revolving around it we have... a fire arrow, a blaze of yellow awareness, with this big eye looking into your soul. I love it.

Now, what is Eye Web after all? What was all the fuss about? What is it, and why did I do it?

By the icon, you can see its a Browser, by the name you can see its related to seeing. So, elaborating and in simple words:

Eye Web is a Mobile Browser
for Speed Reading the Internet!!

Speed Reading the Internet? Am I crazy? Well, I guess so.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth so much more.

Please, take a look at it.

If you like it, you can hype it up. ;) Thanks!

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