I'm totally blown away with Uncharted 2. This game has pulled me into the dark halls of gaming where you just waste all your life and spend 2.5 hours on it everyday for 3.5 years while eating 2.5 pounds of chocolate mouse per night. Well, not quite, but close.

I'm actually playing this baby for a week now, I've finally took the plunge and bought a PS3, guess what? Avatar Ultimate Edition looks absolutely stunning on it! Yes, I bought it just for the Blue Ray but now I'm actually playing... Shame on me.

The engine is sheer stunning grace, its digital bits blended with insight and precision. The set pieces are marvelous bits of cinematic history blended into the action crux of the main character. I've never experienced something as captivating as this game before on a smaller screen.

This is the true blending or art and cinematography.

I'm amazed at the detailed script, and the blending of action-adventure queues with cinema bleeding-edge animation. This thing just Never Stops. It keeps going and going, making you and your PS3 SixAxis wrapped into a single juxtaposed existence!

When you find relics you feel joy, when you kick the hell out of a soldier you find relief, when a monster of a beast throws you off a cliff you cringe, when your female companion gets upside of you over a bed, you get, well, pretty graphics. Its all in place. The emotions are there and are sustainable enough that you get a seamless experience from role-playing your avatar and going back and forth between story the (un) cut-scenes, such is the transition linear and smooth from one to the other.

Technologically is superior to anything out there, and this is out for some time now. They can put a train with more carriages that I could count moving between gorgeous mountains in full LOF view. WOW! Talk about engine power. Those SPU are in high gear!

There is such amazing artistry at work here. Its awe inspiring to mesmerize at the graphics and have gut intrusive emotions playing it from end to end. I'm humbled and grateful for getting to play this game. Its not everyday that someone yanks you out of your everyday life and pulls you in into an adventure. Nathan Drake is the New Indiana Jones. This is really play time for me once again.

I'm in child-like wonder mode.

Now I just need to make more chocolate mouse.

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