I've seen a startling TED conference "Connected but alone"; the basis is that we all should learn to link more in real time, to real people, and that reality is more and more evident in today's world. That's not new, it's the reality of the situation. We like to dick around in the web, but that doesn't make it seem right.

If I want to build creative projects with cool people, I must get to know them. Creativity should be provided by real people working in within a real web of communication. Social networks are boring, but people can be exciting.

So, does social virtuality sucks? Well, yeah.

However, there is something to be said about the power of networking, the power of meeting real people by the means of interconnectedness that can only exist in this wide web of ours. And in that lies our great power.

I've been thinking to go and make a push for networking based around my desire to create a game development studio. I've made a vision to transform the T-Minus 5 Brand into a full game development studio. A dream? Yes. But one that promises great things.

I will be making active links to people in networks such as LinkdIn, Facebook, and even twitter. I will be pruning my RSS feeds to be based more around the websites and people that want to create games here in Portugal. I'm also thinking to actively search the web and try to find these people. Go to gatherings on gaming, production and all kinds of events on Startups and Creativity. I will do so.

Only by meeting real people on a desired destination can you change your past into your future. By just letting the past be the present, even if its just sharing a link to your known pool of friends, you will forever by where you are.

And we all want to expand.


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