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What true power has a person with an iPad to change the world? I don't mean to radically change the entire world for the better, just a fraction of his personal one. The kinds of informational access one has over the mobile space is staggering. We can simply drop an app and start twitting away, or blogging away, or even check spot potential friends or associates away, everything we need is at our fingertips, if we decide to use it.

What mosty is interesting to me is the way, "the mobile", can extend to "real life" and mold it in such a way to give it context and superpositions of new concepts and ideas. From the snippets of information at the top of the hat, to more elaborate social constructs, it's like we can now meta-tag the world in an ever increasing way and give it detail and meaning.

I believe that poetry and literary essays have been the last century equivalents of what is happening today with technology gadgets. The human mind and spirit tends to reason and exploratory walkabouts of understanding are nature's way to achieve the, always ellusive, but allways present longing for self expression and intercommunication within the global consciusness.

We are all phylosophers, even if the tittle doesn't strictly hold up. When you tag and connect, fill up a form with tidbits of personallity descriptions, tile up your profile with the apps you enjoy, and present yourself in a certain way, using the waterfall in your facebook account, to enlist your life events, then you are a real phylosopher, sharing to the global stage your current draft of an essay that will extend the understanding of your and your world.

On your world, you will be able to exchange and deliver these notes, online and offline, suspending disbelief enough to actually do something, and change it.

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