I recently attended a workshop on Service Design. The goal of this concept is to embrace creativity in all phases of concept development. From the original brainstorming to deliverables, the journey is filled with inter-communication; ideation is the norm.

This is in stark contrast to the waterfall model where one goes from development to production in tiddy bit stages. In truth this doesn't represent reality at all. Iteration is the norm is my experieces with small to mid-sized projects. The added value of a large conceptual frame around a pure discussion refinement was refreshing and valuable.

The environment was joyfull and fun to enhance creativity. The materials used promoted that; large desks, billboards, color pencils, post-its, large sheets of paper, all added value onto the more classic web surfing research, video editing, writting and logo design.

My group was interesting, a mix of old and new, practical and conceptual, some were fun, others were boring, some made waves, others surfed them, but in the end, cooperation was king and the basis for some really cool and radical ways of thinking.

I met some really cool and fascinating people, all of them honing their skills and applying creativity in its pure form. Turning on the genie lamp, adding value and exploring new venues for self-expression.

It was fun. And that, is creative.

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