Welcome to my personal brand web place.

This is the starting point of an expanding circle for the T-Minus 5 brand, a brand that is rooted in urging creative impulses and the need to build extreme cool things.

These things, for me, can take the place of either techno gizmos such as the iPhone with its dazzling effects of sheer practicality, the design and game production of fantastic pieces of entertainment to the enchantment of the word of lyrics and poetry over the white page by means of creative writing and theater plays.

One part is technology oriented, the other creative driven. In my mind sits a deep seated left-brain meets right-brain way of seeing and doings things, from productivity and creativity to the possibility of making human-life just a little bit better with the power of storytelling. Like a giant bubble of insight, wonder and amazing things;

I have an all around palette of creation tools and its a lot of fun playing with then. I started dabbling with the concepts in my imagination and tech demos in my screen since young.

Inner Geek

Since my early childhood I can remember seeing the glowing T.V. screen as it flashed away in wonderful 8 bit colors the first of the first ZX Spectrum games. I was having a blast with all of it, gaming away at late hours and making good use of those CRT screens back then. "Penetrator" was the game of the year as far as I was concerned. I loved to get those bombs inside those little canyons as my jet passed overhead and blew the radars out of commission. What a thrill, indeed.

Also, I did some product animation platforms for my dad's company Tudor, a battery fabrication company. At the tender age of age 12 I was doing some pretty important projects of battery simulations using the Basic language in ZX Spectrum. Its pretty wild looking back at it; it was also incredible stimulating. From simulations of a home switching automatic lights to the design of educational and reference apps, I've made my way into this century, winning the occasional prize here and there at the computer magazines of the time.

And yeah, I can most certainly say that stupid darn game with the crazy cacophony sound track started it all. If I'm into computers, it's because of this sucker right here;

ZX Spectrum "Penetrator"

Hence, with this single act of distraction computers will be always with me. I even remember what I told to the unsuspected audience (such as my brother and my father) when I saw the words "Press any key to continue"; I said: "Press the key! the guy said it!". That was my first phrase, a single simple phrase, an humble first sentence uttered about the machine, the machine talked to me and forever my life would change. I would become a computer scientist going forward into the future. Later the creativity well inside me started to spring.

Mad Scientist

In my teen years there was an unground current of me dreaming strange concepts and out of the box thinking. Most of my daily introspection made me go out and test the assumptions of the world. I could not stop and wonder how things work, take them apart, recollect them together, make batteries out of wires and potatoes were not enough. I insisted in building airplanes with small motor drives hacked up from electric race cars, storm detectors made from steel dust and cannons stuffed with homemade gunpowder, all this while exploring forests and having the usual Tom Sawyer level of experience and activities.

In essence the science of cool madness was here to stay. Even recently a friend of mine caught me in that very act;

Producer of Wonderment

From there I was hooked into this system of a tech oriented life. I went to game production experiences and tech demos dabbling. When I was in my graduation years it was the most fruitful times for these kinds of explorations. 3d Programming, game production and Quake gaming until late night were the norm. All night coding and socializing the standard of living. Graphics design and engine creation were part of the living environment on campus. Everyone was pushing the digital realm into his own special brand of creativity and no one wanted to be left behind. There were even guilds of students and knowledge was a weapon of power. In the year after my university terrain rendering engine development were my pets for research & development for some time. I remember the warm community around the subject and it was rather fascinating to have had deep insights and networking with amazing persons such as Seumas McNally.

After graduation I got into entrepreneurship by creating software for several book store chains, consulting within a friend company, and of course, starting up and aborting another one. Later I joined the workforce at the financial services sector and enjoyed the revenues of a steady job but creativity within the informational mining world world is limited, so I needed a new forum for expression. Theater plays and film making started to make the rounds in my creative endeavors. News friends and avenues of expression found and a well of poetry and art started to pour into my personality. Urbanism, architecture and things related to the quality of life in the planet became my interests and opened up ways to have an impact and activism in these areas.

In more recent years the resurgence of Apple meant that Steve Jobs, one of my all time heroes was now in the strong position to push forward with the revolution of interfaces and insightful technology art. No more the oppression of Windows and the dark ages of computing. For 1997 forward the world would see a breakthrough never seen before. Armed with my Apple passion and a new Mac Book Air, I've started to hack away at the keyboard building intuitive software for the masses.

And so it is

These things create a living entity of their own, they stick with you until you make it right by fully immersing yourself into your calling, your passions of all time. This site is a cornerstone to anchor all these things that always stood on the back of my mind; like a splinter inside my mind hurting me all day to take it out and give it expression.

So going forth I will get more and more into the Zone; the creative zone of intuitive iPhone Development, Creative Writing, Game Production, Film Making, Technology, Sociology, Psychology and all things 'ology I can remember.

Thank you for reading.

Rui Ferreira
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